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Fashion Tips
Necklace Fashion Tips

Have you ever wondered what necklace to wear?  Should I go with a choker or is a longer necklace more appropriate?  Sometimes you just put it on and look in the mirror to see if you think it looks good. 

Type of Necklace


 Fashion Suggestions


12 - 13 inches in length. Fits closely around the neck

V-necks, boat necks, and off-the-shoulder fashions.  Great look for petite women.


14 - 16 inches in length.  Rests on the collarbone

Usually worn with either a thin strap or a strapless dress or shirt.  Great look if you have a heart, rectangular or oblong shaped face - reduces the angles and length of the face.


17 - 19 inches in length.  Falls just below the throat

Best suited for crew and high necklines.  Great look for petite women.


20 to 24 inches in length
A slightly longer necklace
A plunging neckline works better with this length necklace rather than a high one.


30 - 36 inches in length
Falls to the breastbone
Perfect for high or crew necklines.  Really accenuates an oval face - best choice. 
Body Shape Fashion Tips

Women come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, jewelry should be selected accordingly.  What looks terrific on someone petite, may not look the same on a full figured woman. 

What would look the best on me?

Body Type



      Petite        (under 5'4")

Posts, Hoops,Dangling

Princess length or shorter looks the best.  Longer lengths will not look proportionate.  Do not over accentuate the neckline with multiple layers of necklaces for it will shorten appearance.

Tall Stature(over 5'10")


Chokers will shorten your neckline, therfore shorten your height appearance.

 Full Figure

DanglingMatinée or Opera lengths.  If you go shorter make sure the necklace has an adjustable extension for a better fit and it does not lay directly on the breast line.

 Thin Frame

Posts, Simple DesignsAny length necklace will look great, just be sure that the jewelry is not overpowering for your frame (i.e. bulky).  Go for delicate designs.
Bracelet Styles

Bracelets are one of the oldest forms of jewelry, adorning the wrists of both the wealthy and royalty since ancient Egyptian times. With a variety of bracelet designs, what are the differences? 

What would look the best on me?

Style Name


 Fashion Note


A bangle bracelet can be circular or oval in design.  Bangles usually slip on over the hand or open and close by means of hinge and clasp. They can be worn alone or "stacked" together.Multiple bangles can be noisy.  If you're headed out for an evening of dancing, then go for it. If you're  attending a quiet event, then you will need to keep your wrists quiet.


A versatile bracelet, the chain comes in different styles and designs. Chain bracelets can easily suit every style and occasion. Chain bracelets look better and are more pleasing to the eye if worn only on one wrist.  Be asymmetrical by dressing up with contrasting patterned bracelets.

Charm Bracelet (Italian)

A modular style of bracelet that consists of Italian charms that pop on and off of a stretchy bracelet. More charms are added to each empty slot with the wearer able to switch the charms to match their changing mood.

They are one of the most stylish additions to any woman’s wardrobe. They are  great to accessorize almost any kind of outfit and are particularly popular with the younger population.


A rigid bracelet that comes in either a wide or narrow C-shaped band that fits over the wrist or arm.  They come in a variety of designs and colors.

If you have long slender arms and wrists, accessorize with cuffs.  They highlight slimmer arms.

Tennis Bracelet

A straight-line bracelet that consists of a band of faceted stones of matching size set in a line that encircles the wrist closed with a simple clasp.The tennis bracelet will obviously stand out more with short sleeves. The good thing about tennis bracelets is they can be worn on a daily basis and not just to evening affairs.

 Toggle Bracelet

A bracelet that consists of a relatively long bar for proper closing. These bars often have little balls or raised decoration at one end. You must insert the bar through a circle on the other end of the bracelet to close it properly.

Toggle closure bracelets run the risk of snagging on something or someone, consequently falling off and becoming lost. Wear to events where there is little movement.

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